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Barb Bair was actively involved in the organization from its beginning in 1995 until her death in 2013, serving in several roles on the Board, always bringing her enthusiasm, creativity and warmth. She encouraged us all to "Inform, Involve, and Inspire". The Barb Bair Memorial Award, presented annually at the November meeting, is given to the  member who most exemplifies these words used to describe Barb and her mission.


Kim Neubauer

Kim is working so hard for us as President, navigating our organization’s future with poise and determination!” She has led strategic Board retreats and traveled to the NCDA conference in Phoenix to represent ACP Philadelphia and explore a possible NCDA affiliation.

To me as a new member, Kim has been very warm and welcoming. Recently named President of ACP, in my meetings with her it is clear that she really cares about the organization and providing meaningful leadership to and opportunities for the membership. She does embody the informed, involved and inspired tenets of the award.

Although she had not been a member for many years, Kim stepped up for the role of President. Bringing commitment and enthusiasm to the role, she is moving the organization forward and looking for new ways to help ACP Philly survive, adapt, and thrive.

David Novick

As an active member of the Program Committee, Dave is known for dependability, resourcefulness, and creativity in recommending and coordinating outstanding presenters, often sharing his own network.

Dave is helpful and encouraging to fellow ACP members who are exploring new opportunities. A quiet humble person, he should be acknowledged for a now three- year commitment as a Program Committee member.

Dave has great ideas and follows through. Collaborating with the presenters, he writes many of the program announcements. Arriving early for meetings, he sets up the technology and troubleshoots when necessary.

Jacqueline Tusman


Jaci does a great job in keeping the board and membership informed of the program planning for scheduled meetings. She understands the importance of keeping the ACP professionals informed of the career management industry. She communicates to our presenters the different populations we serve so our speakers are well prepared.

Open to all membership ideas for future programming, Jaci follows up with her committee on the topics. She has recruited and engaged a committee that is actively involved and takes responsibility for identifying speakers, writing up program descriptions and introducing speakers. She is gracious about sharing the credit for great programs.

Jaci exhibits great enthusiasm in planning the new series of programs, planning ahead for the year. I admire her dedication to the Program Committee members and the organization. Relatively new to our Network, Jaci picked up the Program Chair “ball” and ran with it for the past two years. Attracting new and interesting speakers and panelists is the root to the success of the Philadelphia Chapter of ACP. We have introduced diverse professionals to our Network and built the visibility of our profession through our programs.

Louise Polis
Louise has remained informed about her profession and the current trends on job search and career planning strategies. Consequently, she has continuously brought valuable insight to the subject matter of our bi-monthly programs.
Louise has worked very collaboratively with the Board and other association members to involve them in developing program ideas and speakers and panelists for what has become a legacy of outstanding programs.
Nearly four years ago, Louise volunteered to be a member of the Program Committee. However, at the time we also had a vacancy in the Program Chair position because the previous Chair was pulled away as a result of a job change. In Louise's email request to "join the committee", she said, "however, if you have no takers at all for the Program Chair position, then I may consider it." It was November, and we were in the midst of planning programs for the remainder of the year. Our Programs have always been at the core of the value we bring our ACPI members. We jumped on Louise's offer to be the Chair. Since then, she has built a strong planning committee and has worked diligently to provide a continuous progression of outstanding, timely and relevant learning experiences for us all.
I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Louise Polis.  Certainly, I do not need to remind you or the Committee of Louise's dedication to our group.  She has worked diligently and passionately to bring interesting programs for us all to benefit.  I can honestly say I have never been to a meeting where she was not present.  She goes to great lengths to have great speakers to inform and inspire us, but doesn't stop there.  She is always looking to get us involved whether it is with the presentation, networking, or serving on a committee.

Debra Franke
Debra truly exemplifies the words Barb Bair used to describe her mission – inform, involve, inspire. She keeps all of us informed of ACPI happenings and frequently shares professional events through emails and LinkedIn. She always knows which people are in new positions and what technologies are available to improve client services. Her subtle approach to suggesting new ideas makes her a role model. She is a great resource in sharing ideas and topics with the Program Committee and membership, helping the Chapter grow. By keeping us informed, she involves us all as a community of career professionals.
Debra certainly “inspires” me to want to do more.
Debra has kept members informed about the industry by keeping abreast of new information, ideas and processes. She inspires us all to reach new heights in providing services to others. It seems that Debra makes a conscious effort to invite others to meetings, and she helps to design programs that include everyone in the conversation.
She is a dedicated Board member who inspires by her involvement, not only on the ACP Board, but also as a presenter at two ACP meetings.
Hudson Whitenight
I like to think of our local ACP as small but mighty, filled with professionals of good will, as well as intelligence and commitment. Hud exemplifies this. Several years ago, when our former illustrious President stepped down after a number of years serving in that role, I was concerned about who would step into the role as our new leader. Hud stepped forward. He did not have the greatest number of years in the field of career counseling, ​but he brought years of experience in corporate organizational development, a fearless approach to technology, and a willingness to bring Philly ACPI to the next level. He has fulfilled and exceeded the requirements of the Barbara Bair Award to inform, involve and inspire, and we members are very grateful. Thank you.

Hudson inspires us with his optimism, and keeps us informed with his tireless and creative management of our website and program promotional efforts. Hud has created special pages promoting our programs, our services as independent consultants, and ways for us to connect and market our services.

Hud is the one who inspired me to join ACPI and immediately become involved. His energy and passion for ACPI are inspiring.
Nicole Dalberto
Nicole has been a great representative for ACP. When we were seeking to add to our Board a member who would represent college career services, as well as a younger perspective, Nicole thoughtfully accepted our invitation to join the Board. She has diligently served on the Board and helped in planning and organizing numerous events. Additionally, her insight and perspective have greatly enhanced the strategic thinking and planning of the Board. 

Nicole enthusiastically motivated other young professionals to become part of ACP, and she was never at a loss for pitching in and lending a helping hand, even if it just meant transporting our very heavy sound system to our meetings. Most recently, Nicole volunteered to be part of a panel discussing the challenges of millennials as they move into the workforce. Once again, her insight and perspective was a valuable addition to this conversation. We want to thank Nicole for her dedication and her willingness to help Inform*Involve*Inspire others. 

When the idea of the Barb Bair Award emerged, Nicole wrote the following note to the Board: I just wanted to share how much I appreciate this exceptional recognition of Barb.  Just the other day I was talking with someone about how there is so much quiet left when a big personality passes.  Barb’s absence is noticed and she is certainly missed by many.  I’m glad that the ACP will perpetually recognize her.

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