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Regional Chapters of the Pennsylvania Career Development Association provide networking and professional development opportunities for PACDA members and non-member career professionals within a specific geographic area in Pennsylvania. The purpose of PACDA Regional Chapters is to support and grow the PACDA community at the local level in between state-wide events.

Currently, PACDA has one Regional Chapter in Philadelphia. Beginning in 2020, PACDA members in other regions of the state interested in organizing a Regional Chapter may apply for recognition by completing the following process:

    • Regional Chapters are required to (1) have a leadership team consisting of at least three officers -and- (2) plan at least one major or at least three small, local events annually.
    • To be approved, a Regional Chapter must submit a written request to the Executive Committee with names of at least three officers, all of whom must be PACDA members. The request must include the Chapter goals, a budget, and detailed plans for how the chapter intends to meet those goals.

    • All Executive Board members must approve a regional group to become an official PACDA Chapter.

    • Each approved Regional Chapter shall have an appointed Representative on the Executive Board to serve as liaison between PACDA and the Regional Chapter. The Representative will be responsible for ensuring that quarterly Chapter financial reports and documents are submitted to the PACDA Treasurer.
      [Note: The Representative may serve as an elected Officer of the Board while fulfilling duties as Regional Chapter Representative.]
    • Each approved Regional Chapter will have its own budget line item in the PACDA budget for the Regional Chapter’s exclusive use.
    • All Regional Chapter income and expenses will flow into and out of the PACDA bank account.
    • All regionally-planned events shall aim to break even financially or to make a profit. All profits shall be reinvested into projects or activities that further the mission of PACDA or are for the good of the organization and its members. For Chapter-planned events, all profits shall be split evenly between the Chapter and PACDA, unless otherwise agreed upon and approved by both the PACDA Treasurer and the Chapter’s appointed Representative.

For more information on how to form a Regional Chapter, please email us.

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