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L&D Philly Webinar:How to Listen and How to Be Heard: Inclusive Conversations at Work

  • Thursday, August 06, 2020
  • 7:00 PM
  • Online (Webinar Link in Confirmation Email)

In terms of creating the best possible workplace culture that we can, we want an environment where all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can fully contribute to the organization’s success.

It’s not just about feeling better on the job. Research has demonstrated that companies with diverse workforces are more likely to financially outperform national averages. The diversity initiatives of the past have tried to make sure everyone had a seat at the table. That’s a good first step, but much more needs to be done so that everyone feels like they belong at that table. This is the essence of inclusivity. An inclusive environment encompasses all types of diversity, and actively takes steps to make sure everyone is comfortable and welcome.

This program will break down the language of diversity and inclusion, and walk through some solutions and inclusive best practices. This will involve potentially having some uncomfortable conversations along the way. However, before we conclude, you will be equipped with tools and techniques you can use to navigate your way to creating a collaborative and inclusive environment.

More info and to register: https://www.ldphilly.com/event-3829803


Alissa Carpenter - Founder - Everything's Not OK, and That's OK

Alissa Carpenter is an author, TEDx speaker, podcast host, and learning facilitator. She works with organizations to transform the way employees communicate by creating inclusive workplaces. Without even realizing it, this was something she had been doing all of my life. Whether it was bringing birthday treats to school for a friend whose family could not afford it to ensure they weren't left out of the monthly celebration to opening the floor to diverse perspectives on projects when others wanted to stick with what was familiar. She has always tried to include others to enhance the greater mission. Her passion for inclusion was not something I really understood or thought made me stand out. She firmly believe that bringing in diverse people is one thing, but sharing the floor and valuing their input is another. After all, diversity fails without inclusion and inclusion doesn’t exist without diversity.

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