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Year: 2021

1January, 2021
Jan 07 L&D Philadelphia: Networking BINGO
Jan 12 NJCDA - Advanced Career Facilitation 2021 Certification
Jan 14 ATD - Philadelphia: “Virtual Mentoring in a Time of Crisis: Lessons from the Pandemic”
Jan 21 L&D Philadelphia: Webinar - Solve Measurement Mysteries Like an L&D Detective
Feb 03 PACDA: ATS - Strategies and Insights
Feb 04 L&D Philadelphia: Webinar - Five Commandments of Building Transformative, Results-Oriented Coaching Programs
Feb 11 ATD - Philadelphia: L&OD SIG Event "Lessons on Employee Experience from the Hospitality Industry”
Feb 12 New Jersey Career Development Association: Helping Our Clients/Students Navigate Career Transitions
Feb 25 NCDA Career Practitioner Institute: Creative Career Interventions Across Workplace Settings
Mar 04 PACDA: DEI Career Coaching Strategies for Underserved and Marginalized Populations
Mar 09 New Jersey Career Development Association: The Faces of Career Development
Mar 11 ATD - Philadelphia: “The Evolving Role of the Learning Leader”
Mar 11 Meet the Author at the Pyramid Club: The Long-Distance Teammate: Stay Engaged and Connected While Working Anywhere
Mar 11 L&D Philadelphia: Webinar - The Art of Facilitating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Dialogues
Mar 16 Career Thought Leaders: Symposium - With Hope We Rise: Harness Optimism. Power Evolution
Mar 23 PACDA: One Year Later - The Job Market and Economic Changes During COVID-19
Mar 23 Career Counselors’ Consortium Northeast (CCC): March Networking Night
Mar 25 L&D Philadelphia: Webinar - Transforming What SMEs Know to What Learners Need
Mar 30 NJCDA: A Conversation Amongst Peers: Ideas to Interventions: A Year of Challenges
Apr 01 L&D Philadelphia: Webinar - Offering the Career Development Your Organization Needs and Employees Want: An Updated Framework
Apr 08 Virtual Mentoring in a Time of Crisis: Lessons from the Pandemic
Apr 08 Meet the Author at the Pyramid Club: A Collective Breath: Stories of Being Black in America and Visions of Change
Apr 15 New Jersey Career Development Association: The Power of Saying "No"
Apr 22 Maryland Career Development Association: Conversations Matter: A Virtual Community Experinece
Apr 27 New Jersey Career Development Association: A Conversation Amongst Peers (#2) Acknowledging the Present: Resources & Tools
Apr 28 PACDA: Career Coaching Strategies to Support Neurodivergent Clients
May 04 L&D Philadelphia: Webinar - Excuse Me: My Change Style Is Showing
May 18 MACCA Virtual Event: Virtual Networking for Career Development Professionals
May 18 New Jersey Career Development Association: A Conversation Amongst Peers (#3) Discovering The Future: Programming & Intervention
May 19 Asia Pacific Career Development Association: Walking on Uncharted Career Paths
May 20 ATD - Philadelphia: Webinar - Scenario Based Learning
May 20 L&D Philadelphia: Webinar - Why Most E-Learning Fails: How to Design E-Learning That Gets Results
May 26 PACDA: What Does Labor Market Data Tell Us About the Future of Employment in PA?
Jun 10 ATD - Philadelphia: Infographics: Using Engaging Visuals to Communicate Quickly and Clearly
Jun 10 L&D Philadelphia: Webinar - Create Compelling Presentations for Virtual Training
Jun 10 Meet the Author at the Pyramid Club: Meet The Author - Secily Wilson "She Said the "P" Word"
Jun 22 L&D Philadelphia: What's My Job Again? - Exploring How to be a Modern L&D Professional
Jun 29 NCDA Global Career Development Conference: A Kaleidoscope of Career Interventions in an Age of Uncertainty
Jul 14 New Jersey Career Development Association: The Important Role References Play: How Employers Think
Jul 22 ATD - Philadelphia: Results through Relationships™ Workshop
Jul 28 PACDA: Year Three and Zooming Ahead
Jul 29 L&D Philadelphia: Moments that Matter When Leading Remotely
Aug 10 L&D Philadelphia: Adobe Photoshop for Learning Professionals
Aug 18 New Jersey Career Development Association: The Power of Saying No: How to say it, leverage it, and own it!
Nov 09 MACCA: 51st Annual Conference: Emerging from Extraordinary Times

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