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You are an experienced career professional. You might own your own career counseling practice or work with students at a school or university or coach clients in another setting. Imagine how rewarding it would be to actively support the career development of a blossoming career professional. When you become a volunteer PACDA mentor, you have an opportunity to share your knowledge and creative energy to benefit another PACDA member.

As a mentor myself, I have had the privilege of guiding and supporting several career professionals through the years. My first experience with mentoring was serving as the intern advisor to graduate students in the counseling program at the University of Pennsylvania. I like to think that I encouraged them to consider the field of career counseling. Most recently, I advised two career professionals interested in private practice on issues related to starting a business and identifying available resources to support their goals. I continue to work with another early career professional on reviewing and discussing client cases. Mentoring for me, isn’t just about the rewards that come from helping someone transform their life and career, it’s an opportunity to use my creativity and problem-solving skills. The process of brainstorming, offering new ways of viewing counseling challenges and building confidence with a mentee, inspires me to continue to question and evaluate my own philosophy and coaching strategies. But the singular best reward of mentoring is watching someone grow and develop and know that even though you were standing backstage, you made a difference.

PACDA is re-launching our Mentoring program. This special initiative is designed to provide professional development to empower individual PACDA members to achieve their career and life goals. PACDA will match member professionals who are early in their own career development (mentees), with seasoned professionals (mentors) in order to provide inspiration and support through meaningful conversations and collaborative goal setting.

Please consider becoming a PACDA Mentor!

Keeping in mind that you are juggling many commitments on tight schedules, we have created a flexible and manageable 3 session Mentoring program. Complete the revised two-page Mentor application today!

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