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NEWSLETTER - June 2021


Thanks for joining us on our journey to grow PACDA into the premier organization for career practitioners and educators in Pennsylvania and beyond. You may be interested in how this idea became reality.

The seed for PACDA was planted at a strategic planning meeting of an independent local organization that no longer exists. ACP (the Association of Career Professionals) volunteers who provided the original ideas and support and who currently hold PACDA leadership roles are: Beth Wilson, Debra Franke, Stephanie Welder, Betty Hirsch, and Dave Novick.

Creating a non-profit organization from scratch was no easy feat. Pamela Harris, a career counselor from Pittsburgh whom I’d befriended at an NCDA conference, partnered with me to set up the financial and legal necessities to form a new 501(c)(3) organization. PACDA’s organizing committee expanded to include Rachel Minard from Bradford PA, Diandra Prescod from State College PA, and later Beth Wilson and Linda Hollenback from the eastern part of the state. Essential technology support was skillfully provided by Debra Franke.

PACDA was chartered in June 2019 and the following year won from NCDA an “Outstanding State Division” award. Our members receive discounts or other benefits from several partnered organizations, including L&D Philly, Pennsylvania School Counselors Association, and NCDA’s state divisions in New Jersey, and Maryland.

We remain greatly appreciative of the NCDA support we received along the way. State divisions encourage NCDA membership, which is independent of the state CDA membership. State division members do get certain benefits from NCDA, for example you can subscribe for free to the NCDA "Career Convergence" newsletter.

While creating and growing PACDA, we are striving to live by our values of geographic, demographic, and professional diversity. We aim for a diversity of input and perspectives on our leadership team, represented in our membership, and reflected in our decisions and programming. We believe that “walking the talk” of our belonging and inclusion values will enrich each of us professionally and personally, while offering PACDA as a role model and influencer.

We are moving into the future with PACDA’s newest volunteers: Gary Hines, Amber Pleasants, Jennifer Jones, Colleen Paulson and April Higgins. They have joined the leadership team of friendly, high performing and committed committee chairs and members.

Lastly, and significantly, I’d like to introduce you to PACDA’s President-Elect Safiya Edwards - whom you surely know from the superb programming she has been responsible for as Program Committee Co-Chair. Safiya will transition into the President role in July.

Kim Neubauer

Founder and President, PACDA


Check out our PACDA Store

  • Career Coaching Strategies to Support Neurodivergent Clients
  • DEI: Career Coaching Strategies for Underserved and Marginalized Populations
  • Applicant Tracking Software: Strategies and Insights
  • The Comedy Cure
  • Endangered Industries: What Career Professionals Need to Know About the Future of the Workforce
  • The Covid Career Pivot
  • Ten Steps to a Federal Job featuring Kathryn Troutman
  • One Year Later - The Job Market and Economic Changes Due To COVID 19


  • Working with Clients Seeking a Career Change
  • Incorporating Mental Health, Wellness, and Resilience into Career Conversations
  • Returning Citizens, Re-entry and Justice
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Recovery to Work
  • Interviewing Strategies
  • Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Workplace

If you have someone to recommend as a speaker/presenter/panel member for any of these topics, please email

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT                      The Membership Committee

What is the purpose of the Membership Committee? To formulate and implement a recruitment strategy across all constituency groups; process applications and engage new members; follow up with lapsed members; and develop membership benefits that enhance membership value and support membership recruitment and retention.

What are some current projects the committee is working on? We recently reviewed and revised membership categories. We are now working to develop strategies to increase membership across PA which will include executing outreach efforts to constituencies including colleges and universities, K-12 guidance counselors, workforce development professionals, and career coaches.

Why did you join PACDA and what are the benefits of being a member? 

David Novick (Right Management): I joined PACDA to be part of a community of career counselors/coaches with whom I could learn about and share best practices in our field. Just when I believe I have strong knowledge and expertise in various aspects of career coaching, I am amazed at how much I learn each time by attending the outstanding programs sponsored by PACDA and from the members in attendance. This has made a tremendous impact on my coaching work.

Jessica Visek (Your Resume Partner): I joined PACDA to network and become part of a dynamic community of career coaches to learn and develop my expertise. As a member, I have access to continuing education and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Another benefit is the chance to market my business and boost its exposure to potential clients.

Rich Davis (Comfort Career Connections): I have been a member of professional organizations since I began working in the staffing industry in the 1980s. As the focus of my career has changed from staffing to workforce development and then to disability employment, I've joined professional organizations like Chambers of Commerce, SHRM, ATD, NAWDP, and APSE. This year I launched my new career planning business and joined PACDA. I am grateful to have found such a vibrant professional community where I have gotten new ideas from excellent programs, supported the membership committee, and connected with new professional friends.

Fran Arvan (Knight Career Coaching): I joined because PACDA provides two excellent resources essential for being a successful career practitioner: 1) ongoing education for relevant topics in the field and 2) connections to a variety of other career practitioners both regionally and throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Well worth the cost of membership.

Change Is Possible: A Discussion on Leadership in Career Counseling

Latara Jones, M.S., GCDF

This article discusses the topic Leadership in Career Counseling, and strategies that can help job seekers achieve tangible results. The focus of this essay is how career professionals are growing within their organizations, making adjustments during this year 2021 and preparing for the New Year 2022.

Read the article


PACDA is committed to both filling its open roles and to creating opportunities that match the specific interests of members who want to contribute. Here are some ways you can get involved:

    • Want to do fun things with social media and up your game with digital marketing? Consider volunteering on PACDA's Communications team.  
    • Want to use or develop leadership skills? Consider volunteering to chair or co-chair a PACDA  Committee. 
    • Want to develop relationships with people in like-minded organizations? Consider volunteering to chair or co-chair a PACDA committee.  
    • Want to meet leaders in the career field while providing great value to PACDA’s members? Consider volunteering for PACDA’s Program Committee.
    • Want to build friendly, supportive, professional relationships while embellishing your resume? Pick any role that interests you and join PACDA’s leadership team!
    • Want to contribute but don’t have much time? Request a conversation about projects or areas where you can do something small yet impactful.

Go to our Get Involved page and click “Volunteer for a Committee” or email


PACDA is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association (PSCA).

With a mission to expand the image and influence of professional school counselors, to promote professional and ethical practice, and to advocate for equity and access for all students, PSCA holds an annual conference as well as workshops and webinars. Check out their robust resources list, including excellent ones for discussing equity and anti-racism with students.

We look forward to welcoming PSCA members at our PACDA programs since Act 48 hours can be earned from non-PSCA professional events.

Thanks to Rachel Minard, school counselor and PACDA VP of Special Projects, for the introduction to PSCA’s Executive Director, Emilia Peiffer!

Want to suggest a Partner organization? Contact

PACDA members can register at a discount for many programs by using the code on the Member Resources page!


Career Thought Leaders (CTL), one of our Partner Organizations, is a think tank for coaches, counselors, resume writers, and other professionals looking to stay up to date on trends, expand their practice, and guide clients to success.

Each year, thought leaders in the careers industry gather in person and virtually to explore, discover, and share trends and best practices in the industry. The most recent Career Jam was held November 16–20, 2020. Download the White Paper to read the latest on these six career industry megatrends:

  • Emerging Technology & Jobs
  • Remote Work
  • Virtual Job Search
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace & Hiring
  • Older Workers
  • Mental Health & Anxiety Management

You can be a part of setting the trends by participating in the upcoming Career Jam on November 16-19, 2021. Indicate your interest when you download the white paper and CTL will send you the information when registration is up.

PACDA's Solicitation Policy

It is the policy of the Pennsylvania Career Development Association (PACDA) to maintain a safe, comfortable environment by prohibiting the solicitation of funds or business, the distribution or posting of materials, and/or the promotion of products or services not specifically approved by or belonging to PACDA, as outlined below:

        • Individuals, organizations, and companies are prohibited from soliciting funds, distributing literature or gifts, pitching merchandise or services, or engaging in any other solicitation, distribution, marketing, or similar activity except when approved in writing by PACDA.
        • Use of PACDA email addresses, meetings, or social media for marketing purposes, e.g. posting or distributing materials or announcements, is permitted only when authorized by the Executive Board of PACDA.

Questions may be submitted to

Making Meaningful Connections

By Gary Hines, President, The Gary Hines Consulting Group, LLC

As career coaches, we need to educate clients/students that the primary goal of attending an event, whether live or virtual, is to make good connections with one or more people that they will contact afterwards. PACDA member Gary Hines writes about networking opportunities and the preparation necessary to get the most out of them.


PACDA is a state division of the National Career Development Association (NCDA).

Through NCDA you have the opportunity, to further develop yourself as a career development professional through the Leadership Academy, credentialing, annual conference, and other member benefits.

Each year NCDA recognizes and honors its excellent members by presenting awards at the annual conference. We encourage you to review the award categories and consider if you would like to nominate your colleague from PACDA. Nominations are open November through January. Nominators and nominees must be NCDA members.

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