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Greetings Pennsylvania Career Professionals,

The Pennsylvania Career Development Association (PACDA) was officially approved as a chartered state division during NCDA's 2019 Annual Membership Meeting on June 28th. 

I am proud to be part of the dynamic team ushering in a new era of career services professional development in the Keystone State. We are excited for what the future has in store as PACDA launches programmatically during Fall 2019, and we hope you are too!

I owe a lot of gratitude to the PACDA Organizing Committee for helping to transform a vibrant local organization to one that will serve the entire state of Pennsylvania!

Please consider joining us as we form committees, strategize, and take actions to create the newest NCDA State Division.


Kim Neubauer
President, PACDA



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The Pennsylvania Career Development Association (PACDA), a State Division of the National Career Development Association, is committed to offering high quality, accessible professional development and networking opportunities to career services practitioners throughout the state.

We welcome career services and career development professionals in corporate outplacement, talent development and mobility, higher education, K-12 schools, workforce development, public and private agencies, non-profit organizations, and private practices.

Thank you to PACDA Charter Members!

Helene Baer   Debra Franke   Jean Larkin Tori Reese
Emily Bennett
Lauren Granese
 Kate Madden 
Helen Richardson
Sarah Brown
Dorothy Grill 
Helene Mancuso
Brady Riedel 
Lynn Carroll 
Barbara Gronsky
Rachel Minard
Elisa Seeherman
Julie Cerrito
Harris Gubin
Carol-Anne Minski
Tanya Sheldon 
Margie Cherry 
Lisa Hansinger
Ford Myers
Amy Siler
Saleem Clarke 
Pamela Harris
Kaitlyn Myers-Brooks
Christopher Stancil
Sheila Cosgrove
Yuhong He
Kim Neubauer
Marilyn Stika
Sue Crump
Karla Hill
Tashawn Nichols
Barbara Taylor
Nicole Dalberto
Betty Hirsch
Jonathan Niles
Mindy Thomas
Gabriela Davie
Linda J. Hollenback
David Novick
Craig Toedtman
Peter Doris
Edward Hunter
Peter Ostrander
Jaci Tusman
Safiya Edwards 
Brian Hutchison
Saul Pessin Margaret Wahrman
David Falbo
Lauren Karch
Christopher Peterson
Abbey Wascovich
Jane Finkle
Dilyara Kashaeva 
Louise Polis Stephanie Welder
Charna Flanzer
Lesley Katz
Diandra J. Prescod
Beth Ann Wilson

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